September 04, 2016

last weekend in Ist

i finally pulled out our luggage today and started packing, a bit, i am just really anxious to see how our stuff will fit in, and what else will have to be shipped in a box. also Murat, doctors friend who is buying all our furniture, came over with a moving company guy to see everything and plan for the moving truck o guess. good luck with that, our street is one way, and once you stop a car or a truck there, no one else is going anywhere. but thats life here and istanbullu's are used to it. they should come on thursday at 7am. nasty time but the least traffic...   after that we will stay 2 nights in a hotel very close by. and saturday morning... we should finally be heading to a new country. scary sh*t... 

i watched the Weiner documentary. it was really good as the rumour said. i really enjoyed it. things are not as black and white as i would like them to! i recommend. 

i met Elin on Friday, one of my oldest friends in istanbul actually. she worked at the translation company and that brought us together 5+ yrs ago. since then our lives went different ways but im glad we have stayed in touch and been able to meet sporadically

the "3rd" bar street.

random snapshot from thursday, when we enjoyed dinner by Melisa with friend. lovely evening, 

if in the morning i have a lot of emails, it makes me nervous for a second or two, until i see them. i dont know what it could be but for a moment im worried. cos when i wake up and if my phone says you have 8 emails, and i know i should have just 4....  wtf?! but of course its just Threadless having a sale and other stuff...  advertising that i am ok with etc. i think i havent ordered from threadless for the past 2 yrs tho. we had enough shirts and somehow they have become less "personal" and a few of their shirts were really shitty quality, pilling after a few uses. shameful, they are not the cheapest after all.

wall art in kadiköy. its promoting education for girls.

Bachelor in Paradise:
im surprised no one (online) seems to address how Ashley I. is calling Shusanna 'russian hooker' on BiP. if it was the N-word, ppl would go nuts. N-word cant even be said, its N-word. but hooker is still ok...? thats rough, there is a racist undertone there too.

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