September 09, 2016

waiting is excruciating

our home of over 5 yrs was emptied yesterday morning, in a matter of just 2+ hours. everything was gone, even the lamp shades. then doctor took off to run after some papers he needs, regarding his graduation, resignation etc. I took a couple of our bags and headed to the hotel nearby (Khalkedon - has a really nice rooftop with a view!). sitting in the hotel room I've felt oddly empty, nothing to worry about, nothing to do...  blissful. today I'm back to my normal self as I've found things to worry about :D my dear laptops wifi stopped working. I've tried quite a few tricks already so it's getting alarming. also doctor has had bumps in the road today, while on another paper collection tour. 

found behind wardrobe, not just the usual mold but the wall is seriously moving;
Khalkedon's rooftop. 

I checked us on the flight and I'm annoyed we couldn't avoid excess weight so I guess we will be paying for that...

tonight I will meet the girls one last time for a quick dinner, and then hopefully sleep a few hours. we have a wake up around 3am I think, the flight is not until 8:35 but there are so many factors that could delay us at this point, we just want to be on the safe side...  

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