August 11, 2016

somehow i wouldnt mind trying a glass of sake right now

i watched Adaption - for Arttu's and mine movie club - that was a mistake. i mean wtf. doctor had seen it and warned me...  he said i would not like it. how right he was. never again!

(about the) depressed egg yolk mascot from Japan

it's a warm, humid sauna outside our livingroom. ive been enjoying the AC a lot, i turn it off here and there cos i feel like the air gets too AC:ish (even if the temp is set at 25) but its on 80% of my waking hours i think. yesterday i met a friend for a coffee in this garden cafe/bar, it brought up a nice hamam-ish sweat up although we were in the shadow of course....:D

im selling our home decor and small items on FB's 2nd hand groups, little by little. it's barely worth the pocket change so i consider it more like a hobby - and i like 'recycling' in that way, buying and selling 2nd hand. the other kind of recycling, that i dont care for.

Max Rose this film may be interesting. i wanna see it when it comes out

every now and then someone asks why i dont get turkish nationality, cos im eligible for it (5 years of residence). of course there are benefits but holy fuck it would never cross my mind. i guess it can be seen as a practical choice, like getting married to make paper work easier....but i take nationality quite seriously and my love affair with turkey is not that deep after all, and out future turkey looks like it's coming to an end anyway. and im just not turkish by any standard. furthermore, it would make me feel unsafe, for once you are a turkish/(whatever) dual citizen, and you get in trouble here, you can say goodbye to any help you would normally get from your country. people don't believe me when i say this, they claim dual nationality wouldnt change anything. i am naive in the way that i get really annoyed when people don't believe something i know to be a fact. recently  Australian Department of Foreign Affairs sent an email reminding dual citizens of this; "Dual nationals are reminded that, while Turkey recognises dual nationality, it prohibits Australian consular officials providing assistance to Australian/Turkish dual nationals who are arrested or detained." there. i believe it refers to Master Nationality Rule

these news of women killed in turkey by family or partners are always around 
Turkey’s Constitutional Court stirs outrage by annulling child sex abuse clausespanish journalist is said to have been deported over tweets

if im watching tv or a film on my computer and dont have my phone, i find myself distracted, looking for 'something'. im conditioned to play 1010!. it relaxes me.

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