September 27, 2016

grocery shopping going slightly over budget; its the newbie excitement

the part of our resettlement thats gone well is enjoying the groceries, the shared house & flat mates & meeting some people in general. doctor also found himself a foldable bike and chrome cast 2. he also found pink grapefruit juice and weird british comedies. at times i am wondering who the F did i marry?? :D

the landlady has an interesting bookshelf. found Matt Ridley's Nature via Nurture there. nice to read a paper book for a change. i dream of a big bookshelf in my future home...

wtf, when i changed my iphone region to UK, i suddenly got a new app? "News". well, at least i was finally able to order Wired cheap and enjoy it on my phone too.

EU nationals, and finnish people especially, are so spoiled i have to say. ive really enjoyed having  finnish passport, never had to worry about being denied a visa or anything. usually i dont even need a visa! and in the case of UK, we just waltz in and apply for national insurances and whatever, if we feel like it. i was just reminded of this when talking to other finns here. for doctor to prove his address, to get a bank account, whether he can apply for NI number...  everything is hard.

brunch last saturday with some finnish women;
i was quite eager to sign up with Netflix, but its a bit of a disappointment, just like in Turkey. i was looking forward to Big Ban Theory for instance, buuuut they only have the first 8 seasons, and the 10th started this week. so far the only positive is The Mighty Boosh. and documentaries. maybe i will find more british series to watch, cos the american ones ive seen through and through (the ones i like).

doctor is watching a documentary about armenian genocide and then RuPaul's drag race. mmm. i admit thats the kind of man i like.

in this weather and conditions i have started to suffer from a runny nose. i dont exactly know what's causing it, but it was obvious that this issue almost disappeared while i lived in Turkey. so i expected it to make a return when the conditions are more Finland-ish. well i bought a packs of tissues from the pound shop.

we planned with our flatmates to have a housewarming party next month. im excited.

tomorrow is our 6.5yr anniversary. the book shop had a good selection of cards that i admired. i dont remember seeing anniversary cards in turkey.
 Brixton market. they sell churros left of the photo.....i might or might not have fallen for them a couple times...

Arttu is coming for a visit next week, so i am preparing a list of items i would like from finland...  rye bread i given, but i also probably want Lumene's toner since i finished it before leaving turkey. its my all time favorite.

my first world probs now include: should i buy a white bathrobe (can be bleached, i like the color) OR a darker color like aubergine (would not show hair dye transfer so easily)?? 

im having bacon & eggs for lunch today!! (6 eggs and a pack of bacon, both free range, were about 4£ (5eur). its enough for 2 with a couple eggs leftover.

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