September 24, 2016

home & tv evenings

working on:
trying to memorize my own phone number
trying to make my bank account a join one (not easy! bloody proof of address BS...)
finding a good nail salon
finding a book/paper shop

we registered at the local GP
doctor ordered his new computer (Dell laptop)
i ordered my PC, deposited money on my brand new bank account
private health insurance (well, missing a few papers but kind of done!)
desks and chairs for both
found a decent hairdresser
feeling comfy in our shared house & with house mates
doctor bought a bike

boxes full of stuff! shipping stuff was so cheap it was a worthwhile investment.

 near our home. a farm and a cafe where they cook with what the farm produces.

Camberwell center, nearby. its laid back, there is a chinese restaurant...  pharmacies, locksmiths, barbers, banks, small corner shops etc.

my first shoe shopping! from ebay. not too high, quite comfy.
 candle from pound store.
furnishing! and we felt like the room was small when we took over it. but somehow we've fit in 2 desks and chairs...  on tuesday we visited Elmor to pick up a box we'd sent ahead of us. turned out they had a desk & chair they wanted to get rid of and we gladly took them. shoved them into an Uber (my first personally paid Uber!!) and tadaa!
 the new set, from IKEA.
i think we are getting very comfy so that's good. but i do have trouble fitting my clothes in the drawers etc...    i think once we get our computers we will be properly set.

set direct debit with insurance company. i hate that im always made to choose miss/mrs/ms. archaic.

another membership card! Superdrug has a nice selection of cosmetics and their own brand is cruelty free so thats lovely.

meanwhile in Turkey;
Hurriyet: woman assaulted on public bus for wearing shorts. importanly, onlookers did not interfere...  this says something. things are going Erdogan's way.

the brother of a friend, Petri Järvinen, makes cool silver jewellery so i asked if he could make me a slightly asymmetrical square. i had a symmetrical one before but it was just something cheap and wore out. i liked the idea a lot though so i thought it was time to invest into a more durable one.

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