October 28, 2016


the other night i had a bathh for the first time in perhaps a decade. it was more relaxing than i expected, i read the latest issue of Wired and just sunk into the hot water. next time ill do it in the evening with a glass of wine! hopefully sooner than a decade from now.

my iPhone is f*cking things up. for the 2nd time in a month, its alarm/ringer were somehow 'muted', i can see on the screen when somehow calls but cant hear a thing. and its not nice to learn that first in the morning when youve overslept, due to not hearing an alarm. ive fixed it by rebooting the phone, but since its happened twice now im worried it may be becoming a proper issue. im just gonna have to go and buy a proper alarm clock for back up, stressing about not waking up is not nice.

im nominating the following companies and organizations for worst automated voice call centers (where u need to talk to a robot before getting through to a real person);
  • HMRC
  • HP

BT is close to getting a spot on that list too. im sure my list will grow as i have more contact with arious places. its utterly ridiculous to also always tell your full name, address, post code, date of birth, customer number and any other details, AND then repeat them all to the actual rep when u get through. and they really want all those things, every time. it is bureucratic. but then, they did say UK is...  at least it still somewhat works, eh?

im loving how the meal packages have nutritional info on them, makes things easier. i do realize that as long as i eat pre-cooked or semi-ready meals, and ready meals of course, my diet is not going to be the healthiest ever. but it doesnt have to be perfect. im just trying my best while still enjoing life. in my attempt to eat healthier, i try to have no-meat days like half of the week. UK is big on sausages - its just that they are all the same, same size, same whatever. so i keep missing finnish sausages. still, sausages are great, and i am buying both veggie- and free range versions. 

and there i was thinking stuffed mushrooms would be healthy... its almost all orange!!

toast, an egg & slice of smoked bacon, 1 minute in the microwave :P 

veggies and sausages from the oven

today i had a GP appointment. i wanted to show a coupke of my birthmarks that seemed a bit off. she is referring me to a specialist so we will see i guess.

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