October 23, 2016

finally got some fresh air

i have been always a bit suspicious of Norwegian. i guess cos Ryanair has a shady image in my mind and i just clump all the cheap airlines in the same box. not sure. but now that i booked flights to finland from them, i have so far been impressed. the plusses:
+fairly easy and neat booking UI
+luggage was not too expensive - 12 eur i think, and i could book it seperately for outbound and inbound to bring down costs as im flying out with less...
+extra lugagge is very cheap - 15eur per 20kg
+if i want to make changes, its "only" 36 pounds
+customer service chat works well & no BS (like upselling or such)

(cheap price is not on the list cos that kind of comes with the 'cheap airline' territory)
all in all, considering that i will pay for food & drinks, it still comes cheaper than Finnair or British Airways, especially with the extra luggage i needed for the return flight. and on Finnair you pay for food too, lol!  travel time to each airport (Heathrow vs Gatwick) is about the same so that doesnt change the situation either. i am beginnign to understand why finns in UK love Norwegian.so in the end i booked flights to Helsinki for Jan 1st. me and doctor will spend a week+ there, meetings friends and whatnot. i will start making a schedule right about now...

view from the nearby train station

im enjoying all the ready and almost-ready meals. veggies in portion size bags, sausages, potato salad. certainly 2 or 3 sausages wouldve been enough but i was hungry. 

shopping in Balham.. they have lovely little stores.

meeting friends for drinks; 

waiting for the bus

i signed up at citysocializer. cos why not, ill sign up for things.it seems like a less business-version of InterNations. but immediately, the day i signed up i got some 10-15 messages from men. okay, its international, but it felt so uncomfortably unfamiliar...   anyway im not condemning the whole platform for that - prevention is virtually impossible - so i think i might later join some of the events they arrange, just to give it a go.

earlier this week i met someone through Vina, so thats a step forward. then yesterday i dragged myself out to meet Elmor for breakfast in Balham. refreshing and i found a nice 2nd hand bookshop on Balham. went nuts and got 4 books...   then i headed to Waterloo to meet another 2 friends that i know from my Istanbul times. the other has a child and the other is expecting which is great for them. but later in the evening when i was out with a turkish gay couple who are visiting the city, i realized my future as a childless woman is probably with gays :P said gay couple is considering moving to London, so we would surely welcome them with open arms.

i got myself some light reading...   the tourist guide is actually handy because there is way too much info for any tourist to really digest, but for me to take it in, litte by littlem to learn something of the areas im not gonna bother even visiting.. makes sense.

i have a couple of birthmarks that look a bit suspicious, i think i need to get them checkef. im glad booking a GP appointment online was fairly easy;

 i ordered these jackets from eBay and they were delivered to the door by Royal Mail or whoever, i didnt even pay attention. one of the packages was coated with "myHermes" logo - neverheard but whatever. so then i get an email asking for feedback on the delivery. i ignore it. a few days later i get another email, PLEADING for feedback. jesus f christ. pkay maybe i could answer a few questions, yes the delivery was ok and so forth. but look at this BS;

 its a bloody delivery service, after all...

Melisa was today at the Antalya film festival with her short film. i just saw a video clip from the red carpet - pretty cool :) ive seen the short film too, it is worth the exposure.

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