October 15, 2016

fall i mean autumn in Camberwell

living with house mates has been interesting. im of course not happy to have to be so considerate, like always clean after myself (right away). but a weird form of comraderie is forming, and it is nice to have people to share news or experiences with. today we have a housewarming party so thats something nice - ive invited the few people in London and the housemates invited a few more. so it will be a...mix.

wow my thumb looks wonky. but i wanted to show off the pink on pink polish i did this morning.

doctor got the results of his first exam (leading to UK doctor registration) on wednesday morning and he passed with flying colors. they made the exam harder starting this september, so we had been a little nervous over the results. what a relief, im so proud of him :) then we booked the 2nd exam. passing that, he could register as a doctor. its a process of several months...but this is a start.

TripAdvisor stops selling tickets to attractions that allow contact with wild animals. good.

Black Mirror is an amazing series, here's Guardians interview with the creator. this caught my eye;
"You take a computer for granted. Then, when you get the spinning beach ball or the Wi-Fi goes down it’s like “For fuck’s sake!” You scream and shout at them. I’ve read about a device that remembers all the times you’ve shouted at it and gives you fucking payback. It’s a very Black Mirror idea."
i never shout at my computer. if my computer is having issues, getting frozen or jamming up, i feel bad for her. i feel worried. i want to help. not shout. but computers are much like humans, if you take good care of them (and they are made of solid components to begin with), they can go live long and healthy lives. they need care and attention and they will do their best if you just LET them blossom. okay, that last part might not apply to humans, i dont believe in inner 'goodness' in people, necessarily.
i am also looking at flights to filand in early january. and it looks like doctor would be able to join me. he hasnt been to finland for like 5 years, so it would be nice to see my city together again.

 my initial set up. i got a new screen from work  (yeah colors still need calibrating). so i use it with my mac book during the day, and with Bunilla in the night!
 mornings are muesli & monster.

more jackets from eBay....    a short one with attitude... (Superdry)

and a longer more sophisticated one... (Love Label)

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