October 09, 2016


what i dont like is people asking why dont i get a laptop, when i mentioned that i am buying/bought/planning a PC. thats like suggesting a gerbil when ive just said im getting a dog. "but gerbils are easier to take care of! they are quieter! why would u want to walk a dog?!". dude...  im 36 i know what i want. thats all.

Arttu, doctor and me tried a cheese & champagne 'bar' in Brixton village. they offer selections of cheese and champagnes and champagne coctails.

also had dinner in Soho. Kings Court was full of restaurant bars and really crowded on a friday night. 
with my new PC, candles and a brand new paw warmer im quite content. the only thing missing is another monitor due to arrive on Monday. it will be shared with my work laptop and Bunillla the PC. need toget a switch for that. i am happy that i sent myself one monitor from istanbul, although the VGA to DVI converter didnt fit and i had to get another one, wasting another day. but today i finally moving all my backed up files to Bunilla the PC. my first impression is that Bunilla is that she is perky and energetic but means business. which is exactly how i like it. below is her first official 'baby pic'.

in fact, sitting by my computer, installing software and  keeping my back paws warm, im a bit too happy. it makes me a little concerned as then there is a the fear of "how long can this last??" and "i must be dreaming?". im not an unhappy person generally, but its peaks like this that are rare and confusing.

what i really appreciate is BBC's and Channel 4's free online selection. together, they are more valuable than Netflix. not fair to compare, and they can compliment each other, but considering that the 2 are free, and Netflix is not...  maybe not fair to compare also since although Netflix has good stuff, ive just seen 90% of it cos its old.

what i dont like in UK so far: cheddar is way too popular compared to other cheese. the electricity in this house (and probably a lot of other houses) is not grounded, it seems.

doctor admiring the beer selection in a new shop in our neighborhood.

today: signed up as an organ donor at NHS website. watched The Apprentice UK at BBC's website. how nice to be near where the show is shot! yeah can be easy to please.

i got a simple trench coat off eBay (H&M) cos my old fall/spring coat is about 10 yrs old and about to fall apart, the cuffs are in fact half off...  

whenever i look over, doctor is watching or reading something. ive registered the following:
modern european history (book)
the propaganda game (documentary)
Chomsky: the responsibility of intellectuals (book)
John Oliver stand-up shows
the century of the self (documentary)

(crazy detective wife??)

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