October 04, 2016

string of cold morning and sunny afternoons

my new ba...computer is supposed to arrive tomorrow. when i got the news today i started getting nervous. am i ready? i started questioning myself...  its gonna be a BIG DAY. ive been thinking of names but maybe its too early. i should see her first.

soooo last friday i confirmed that im half blind. went for my first ever eye exam. so weird. actually the verdict was that im just slighty shortsighted but i can say it feels worse! things far away are way blurry. this has happened over the past 6 moths or so, so i was basically worried that i have eye cancer or something. the optician looked at the back of the eye too and said that there shouldnt be anything wrong. im just getting old and things are breaking apart, lol. and that's what i preferred to hear. although shortsightedness is apparently not related to age. so they recommended me to get glasses. i tried on a few pairs out of interest. but as long as im just getting "naturally shortsighted", im not in a hurry to get glasses, seeing the bus number or whatever...meh. it can wait. but i will eventually get glasses when it seems like it starts to bother me too much. and then i could get laser surgery while at it. lets see.

the public transport travel app is quite neat, a life saver. pretty good UI in my opinion.

to order food, there are several competing apps (annoying), but i guess thats better than none? the variety of the food is amazing. top 5 (or was it top 8?) reason to move here.
but if on a budget and cant order...  or just wanting to have a hefty sunday brunch...  free range bacon, eggs and fake meat sausages are pretty awesome. only beans missing?
this past weekend Hanna with her partner etc moved to Canada. good for her. our group of girls is just spreading around. Carina will soon leave istanbul too. then i dont have any very close friends left in Turkey. but some friends, anyway.
getting up so early for work (because of the time difference) sucks especially because the mornings are so bloody cold here. but finishing work early is nice too. wow, thats deep. like saying "sucks to work instead of partying, but work does provide income so thats nice!"...  :D i guess im not much o a philosopher.

bus stops are kind to have informatiion of the lines running through it.
Waterloo station last saturday. i did a day trip to Basingtoke to meet Marianne who was there. Susanna and her and me spend the day hanging out at the huge mall.
 nachos for lunch, of course....

a moment of weakness hit me in Primark's home section, where they had loads of very affordable candles. oh dear. but i love scented candles. in istanbul the selection was limited.

my first issue of Wired! ive always wanted to order it, but it was pricey ordering from abroad and usually only for the paper version...  i wanted the cheap paper & electronic together deal.

got these tiny earrings from Etsy, like a flat drop. simple for everyday wear.

turkey and UK both have good, functional courier services. in one aspect UK is one step ahead, giving the receiver a time slot and often allowing very specific tracking online. in turkey u know ur stuff is supposed to come tomorrow, but u have no idea when, cos someone (read:housewife) is surely home for it.  another difference is, here they surprisingly dont seem to care who receives or signs for a parcel. i guess its not part of the deal. its all about the address, they're happy if someone signs. well, i will gather more experience but so far this is how it is.

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