November 25, 2016

the journey continues

its time that i open up about annoying stuff in UK:
*property ads do not usually mention the sqm or sq ft size - its like in turkey; "1 bed flat". that could be literally anything. another thing property ads fail to mention is the availability, if you're looking for something starting February (...) good luck with that. or even if you want to move tomorrow, you need to call the bloody agency to find out. i realize it a pull in method, but its annoying.
*reference numbers. brits love reference numbers. i think this, and many other issues are related to the fact that they dont have ID's. and general bureucracy. for example, i called my bank to arrange an appointment to make it a join account with doctor (now that he finally has proof of address to make it possible). they too my details, and hell, im a client of the bank already - not a stranger! and gave me the date and time and name of the person to meet. perfect and then; a reference number. what the actual fuck do i need that for? yesterday i got a txt msg reminding me of the appointment, cool. this morning the person we are meeting called to check we are coming in, and he seemed to now know i am a client at their bank...oh well. but hey i do have a reference number! i just dont get it. its not a huge issue but there is just so many numbers, and they assume you to always have them, HNS number, NI number, tax number, bank account number AND sort code, and the reference numbers to go along with eveything. a secure passcode app to store all these should be popular in the UK? if they didnt love paper so much :D

doctor is ill, poor thing. seems like a flu kind of thing. the day after he returned from Manchester where he took PLAB2 exam, he got ill and in the nights he is shiverng and shaking, feeling cold although wearing 3-4 layers of clothes (including a bathrobe!) and under a down duvet. him shaking in bed next to me keeps me awake too, ive had hard time waking up for work. but i feel bad for him. he's usually never ill this long, he has these short figh fever things, maybe once every 2 years or so, but they are oddly over in 24 hours. now its been double that i guess. at least he is sleeping now, i believe in the body repairing itself.

doctor got well enough to get up and go to our appointment at Lloyds. we finally had proof of address so we wanted to make a joint account. finally, after 2.5 months he has a bank account! party?! it was a 1.5 hour appointment too, the longest ive ever spent in a bank. so many papers, videos with information and just the sheer process of it all. it was tiring, but the customer rep was soooo nice. we later discussed whether they confused as for millionaires or why did we get that.

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