November 20, 2016

its as easy as 1 2 3

my facebook feed is always full of foodie videos that friends have apparently liked. they are easy on the eye but thats about it. it always starts with an empty cup, then they pour in eg. milk. easy so far. then sugar. ok, i dont have sugar cos i dont bake but whatever. then pieces of banana. alright. then caramel sauce. wtf, where do u buy that from? okay maybe Sainsbury's would have it. then they put it all in a blender. uff, if i had one that would mean i need to wash it afterwards. then pour the mix into an oven tray. jesus, that means waiiiiiting! while the dish is in the oven, the video shows you how to make a chocolate sauce or something, by using ..whatever, pieces of chocolate, cream, honey...lalala. im way checked out at this point. i scroll further down to forget about it.

the flannel pyjama we bought doctor from Primark. its super soft. this is a country where u need a pyjama in the winter...  thats just the way it is. but i did have to use one in Istanbul too.

a bar in Peckham. its under a bridge, very cool spot.
 Clapham North and pop up coffee shop. 
 Clapham Common park

a lunch made from semi-ready ingredeiens; mediterranean grains, courgettes etc.  i cant remember the last time i properly cooked, without using any pre-prepared ingredients. and i dont really care, for now.

 a korean restaurant, Kimchee. i had a bite there with Elmor earlier this week. it was a bit like a banquet hall, and stuffed, as popular places tend to be. the food was affordable and tasty tho, no complaints there. 

flowers that are starting to wither. doctor brought them to me last week when i was feeling really down. although im not into flowers, i appreciate the gesture. 

a large local branch of real estate agency Foxtons. they showed me a couple of flats. not even close to where i told them i want it (Brixton Hill vs central Brixton, about 4 bus stops in between). the agent thought maybe the extra space provided by the distance would persuade me. but no way. anyway it was a good experience to see something with my own eyes and now the search continues.

i went to the finnish christmas market yesterday with our flatmate. it was expensive of course so i only bought a couple things. they had everything though, from sausages to muumi mugs to handifrafts - it was nice. and outside there was the scandinavian market with mulled wine and swedish meat balls etc.
 the cafe had all the best finnish things :P i had to get a cinnamon roll, its been years since i ate any.
 i spent on a can of pea soup and a chocolate bar.

i also went to see Hunterian museum with Anna. it was pretty cool with all kinds of abnormal and gross stuff, brain tumors and syphilis ridden skulls and snake intestines :D

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