November 17, 2016

making it work

i started watching Westworld. i am fast forwarding the very 'western' parts cos shooting and yadi yaa does not interest me. but other than that, im looking forward to the next episode every week. im always into the human/machine/consciousness thing. but the black young boss lady character is really over the top and doesnt fit in the series. its just too much and not realistic.
"that doesn't look like anything to me"

i bought us a pack of 5HTP. we used to take it in istanbul, and while im not sure at all if it does anything for me, i think it may. studies suggest it's at least a bit more efffective than placebo in treating depression and as a sleep aid. im not depressed just yet but with this darkness and all... better safe than sorry. and my serotonin levels are always fragile, if there's something that might help keep them up, i'll have it. and sleeping... is a whole different animal - i dont even bother complaining, it is what it is.

on monday i visited the dermatologist (Sweta Rai). she looked at my moles and concluded that they were ok, even if assymmetrical and unusual. but she does want to remove one of them just to be safe. but im waiting to hear from the insurance company, if they'll pay for it or not. and now doctor has the job of checking all my moles once a month for changes :D he was the one who found the mole that should be removed, anyway (its on my butt) :D and doctor himself... this week he is busy practising for the exam which is next tuesday. the time to study for it seemed to be a bit too short, he hasn't had the time to go through all the scenarios. and practising requires another person and so forth. actually it's not that difficult sounding, and he has the medical knowledge, and he's studied the local regulations and all that, but the artificial situation is giving him stage fright. and thats challenging to tackle. im doing my best to support him, practise with him and give feedback (i have read the exam judging criteria and rules too, obv) but in the end, who knows. we will see. he is going to Manchester next monday for this challenge.

Occypy Democrats: Chomsky's response to elections. not necessarily super objective but nevertheless.

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