November 13, 2016

learning the city pt.38

i knew queuing would be an issue in london when going out. annoyes the fuck out of me nevertheless. it happened in melbourne too, people queuing outside the most popular restaurants. some would take phone numbers and let u know of a free table, others just expected u to stand in line. i think "no reservations" is the new cool. but i am passionately opposed to queuing. not even sure why, besides my obvious dislike to walking and standing (cos my feet start to ache). overall, the weather is rarely nice enough to make it comfortable, and even if it was, maybe you are just hungry/thirsty?? i associate queues with something bloody special like Star Wars opening night  tickets or iPhone for 100$...  for an everyday thing like meeting a friend for a dinner, no i dont want to spend that time standing on the street. so i need to be careful here, to a) not hang out with people who 'enjoy' queuing, and b) always have plan B and C if a place is full.

i have been confused about all the Clapham's in London. there is Claphan Common, Claphan North,  Claphan Junction, Claphan South...and probably one or 2 more. some have a tube station, others not, and they are all in the general area of south west. i finally looked at google maps which helpfully showed me that all but 'junction' are in a neat row, close to each other. Clapham Junction however is separate and doesnt seem s as busy, except with a lot of train tracks. so there is no way i think i would move to CJ, but the other Clapham's, specificlaly CN/CC area seems interesting. we went for dinner at Honest Burger in CC with Avner & Elmor the other night, and i figured i should return there soon, daytime, to investigate more. going to meet a swedish girl there today, then. met her in Vina. after my close friends in Istanbul, i am looking forward to meet a swede. not that i was opposed to it before but now im very optimistic.

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