January 22, 2017

all modern

suuuunday. we had brunch. as we should, one of the last proper weekends before doctor starts working random hours and days again. i dont mind that schedule, but i do enjoy a standard weekend.

the flat we are moving to next month never went online cos we grabbed it so swiftly, but i found a property history page with an ad from 2015. gives an idea of the feel - modern, spacious. also, without any personality, sure, but u cant have eveyththing can you...  maybe later we will have our dream home. meanwhile, i think this will do just FINE :)
 this is the view from the street. boring, but at the end there is coldharbour lane, and promise of *life*.

yesterday we headed to Tate modern. my brainfart, i admit. ive never cared for art museums so why go now? i think its just the reputation the building has, and  something different to do. it IS an amazing building, i really got inspired by the place itself actually. but walking into the first room that had installations and an almost blank canvas, i allllmost regretted. the picasso's and dali's dont really impress me more than the hammer hanging from the ceiling. but, overall i think it was still worth going and doing something on a saturday. i also did a bit of shopping and met a translator to receive the translations we need for the residence card application (my wage slips etc).

scenery seat in the bus;

 very nice entrance.

this one artists work just reminded me of IKEA stuff in the recent years. all the colors i dislike in geometric patterns...  i should point out that i am a fan of ikea and they often have very nice patterns and design that i enjoy. but this trend with green, orange, yellow etc...   it makes me wanna vomit.

 these paintings were actually visually pleasing, i can say i like them.

Rothko. where do u buy canvases that size? also, his 'room' was opposite to this huge Monet painting of water lilies, cos apparently Rothko was inspired by Monet's style. im not sure i saw the connection but oki doki. Rothko paintings are also easy on the eye, but dont give me anything either.

Sainsbury's receipt. now i think this was 'modern art'. 

 more something.

this one had text and various materials, i could almost relate. 
 back to not relating at all. 
 hair and stuff. not relating.
 photos. but not anything of interest to me.

this looked like a huge, cool rubber mat. its Beirut! i can appreciate this, not sure if as art, of if just an object but maybe the difference is not big.
 i really enjoyed the space in Tate M.
 video installation
on our way home i spotted a deer or something on the wall of a council building, made from wire or something... looked nice in the sunlight.

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