January 15, 2017

moving memories

so tired. im happy to be back home to London even if Helsinki is nice, i love seeing my friends and i enjoy working at the office (as opposed to working from home). it was just so extra draining this time, running around buying 2nd hand luggage, going to different storage units separating and choosing stuff to take, having to sell a few of those salvaged items...  also had to go to bank a couple times and handle other "business". that, on top of work, going to stockholm for a day... my muscles are aching and im still mentally tired too. also, on thursday i suddenly felt this pain on the right side of my butt...like, sharp, sudden...wtf?! since then its been randomly on/off...  just one wrong move and the pain shoots through. a nerve pinched somewhere, but jesus fuck how painful it can be. if it doesnt get better by monday ill need to go to my GP i guess...cos this is seriously hindering me...


i met friends pretty much every day, and miss R arranged this one get together with a group of friends which was lovely.

so i went through a lot of stuff in storage units, 3 of them... doctor was there helping me, shredding old bank statements and carrying out trash and whatnot. not sure how i wouldve managed without him.

on sunday we went on a 'booze' cruise', spending monday in stockholm. although its a very calm trip when u take it on a sunday, mostly middle aged people...  and we were so tired we fell to bed around midnight. but meeting Carina & Korhan in Stockholm was great, they showed us around and we had lunch at Gondolen.
 gamla stan/stockholm
our double bed cabin <3 p="">

and some gifts we had waiting for us on the boat, thanks to our flatmate Anette who got us the cruise vouchers.

at some point the project looked....challenging. i carried this stuff over from the storages and had to go further through to see exactly what was worth packing and in which suitcase...

going through storage provided a lot of surprises and odd "gems". and holy f* how many corsets i had - i think 2 even had the tags still on....i've just been a shopping roll back then. at least i managed to sell the handmade one.

i had to let this family tree graduation photo collage go (it was an ad on Helsingin Sanomat).

a box of tights. and it didnt end there, i continued finding tights in various boxes and bags... including an unopened pack from Primark - id bought it in 2008 or whenever i visited London. i did ask myself if carrying it back to London was definition of insanity...

 one of my fav filsm! i remember buying this when i was like 13...  and there was a guy in my school (Antti L) who looked pretty much like Edward :D

while i dont have a player for these kind of records anymore, i would never let this go... important part of my history. i left it at my friends alongside some other Apulanta memorabilia, will pick it up on my next visit maybe.

my grandmom and aunt gave us this shallow Aalto vase as a wedding gift, yay. i had refused to accept one before moving to London, we had enough stuff to carry at that point... and this time too, but i am in such a nesting phase, wanting to build a cozy home...i said yes please. this is something i wanted, perfect to put a couple of tealights in!

i found my really old denim jacket, too. lots of memories associated with it...but makes no sense to carry it around the world as memorabilia. on the inside of the jacket i had autographs, like this one by Toni (Apulanta) from circa 1994.

these shoes came to London with me. and a couple of other pairs, but this is the main bunch. very happy to have salvaged them!
these shoes didnt make the cut....  off to charity (Fida, i love them cos i made a lot of great purchaces from them back on the day)

raaaandom stuff i found....LP's, kimono, Montreal Canadiens NHL shirt... 

Tom of Finland stamps!! belated gift from miss R actually. we also got a Tom of Finland fabric bag from VV and his partner. doctor woved to use it exclusively.

unrelated: in Norwegians inflight mag there was this story about getting your own helicopter... im just thinking, people flying Norwegian prolly cant afford those....  bit confused, even if its just about the image and "interesting" stories....

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