December 31, 2016

the year we made London home

i think this week was just haze...ive been quite stressed about what everything that the trip to finland entails, mainly emptying storages and trying to find suitcases in which to bring some of my stuff back. and the idea of having to throw stuff to trash is always nasty. and theres a lot of other scheduling things that make me feel stressed...  just too much stuff. i obviously want to see my friends but running from one place to another is tiresome.

2016 was politically disappointing, but if i think of this from a selfish perspective - as is typical of myself - it was no a bad year at all. i tried to enjoy istanbul to the fullest in my last year there, the coup attempt was a 'small' hiccup and i started getting pretty restless and stressed about the move after that but since the move everything has been going quite smoothly. living in a residential area life is much more quiet than im used to, but 2017 should provide an improvement to that. we've made friends here, tried to tolerate the cold and dark, and enjoyed lots of nice foods and drinks, while missing some turkish favorites at the same time. and doctor's registration process is going on schedule and he accepted a job offer. pretty good. and i look forward to moving to our own rental property in February 2017.

we spent christmas (25th here) with Avner, Elmor and their friends. very nice dinner and a few films and just chilling.
 films included Sausage Party and Die Hard :) especially the latter is a christmas classic.

a sort of oven stew i made with the braising steak i bought from that free range farm delivery service. 2,5h in the oven! but okay, it was tasty. 

tonight a NY with Avner & Elmor & co again... cant wait to pour some bubbly to our first year in London! then, mayyyybe 2h of sleep and off to Helsinki!

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