December 24, 2016

christmas time

watched Queen Mimi, very interesting documentary about a quirky lady from LA.

on monday i went to a cool bar with Anna...(Drink Shop & Do)  there, while enjoying your drinks and snacks, u get to make a REINDEER PINATA! and we made an awesome one ith a superhero cape...

my doctor is execising and watching a Russell Brand documentary about war on drugs. and it's the night before christmas. somehow its surreal. we plan to take a hot bath.

prepacked things (veggie fingers, rice, greens) put together for a lunch <3 br="" nbsp="">

odd to be in a christmassy country again, there is christmas music everywhere and today there were queues in front of every bakery, fishery etc...  i am starting to remember why christmas was a stressy time. and this is one without gifts thank god.

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