December 22, 2016

flat update, mainly

UFC Fight Night in London on March 18 is supposed to have Makwan Amirkhani... i think its about time i go see MMA again. and UFC of all things. everything is in this city, hah, im in the right place... :)

so our reference checks for the rental property went through. holy crap. what a relief. it was the last major thing i was concerned about. i think after we learned that, for a while i was just sitting here in utter shock - the shock of not having anything to stress over. it's a state i cannot really...comprehend. and i didnt. ive  kind of moved on to find small stuff to concentrate on. and in january there will be a the residence card application for doctor - that will be a major worry! ive already started but it hasnt really kicked in. still, i am of course happy. very happy.

regarding the flat, we are waiting for the landlording company to get us the papers to sign. i think i shouldnt hold my breath to get it done before christmas, i think things are already slowing down. but i feel like i cant really relax until papers are signed. 

positives and nagtives listed!

the positives:
huge wall size windows
artsy floor plan (2 floors in 3 levels)
modern, nice finish
wood floor
about 50m from a big road with shops and restaurants
4min walk from Brixton Village!
Iceland within walking distance (6min)
huge Lidl and Tesco within 11-12min walk (read: bus)
gated area & flat has alarm
close to Victoria line, overground and busses
saving £££ cos partly furnished

the negatives:
street level
boring view/street without shops
closest grocery is Sainsbury's Local (ie. not huge)
cant buy our own washer/dryer cos white goods are included
won't have dishwasher cos rental flats here dont seem to have one...
likely high heating costs (due to large windows etc)
partly furnished...  i prefer to pick my own furniture

doctor is in the process of registering with GMC now. cant believe we're finally at that point! of course, right away, they asked for more papers. so there is the hassle of arranging those...  but that's just something u have to get done and that's that. and omg the bureucracy of the hospital job offer he accepted :D :D they sent like 10 documents/forms to fill and some need to be printed and filled and mailed (proper paper mail). some just filled online, need to register for something to do it. some u need to fill and email. and so on. brits LOVE their forms! also they wanted copies of some papers and him at the office so he went there today, luckily we live close to said hospital. the process seems pretty oerwhelming to be honest but i didnt get involved, it's his stuff and he can handle it - for once i'm keeping my paws off.

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