December 18, 2016

week 50 officially the best week of 2016?

if the week wasnt eventful enough with doctor accepting the conditional job offer and our flat offer going through... on friday morning doctor got an email to say he had passed the 2nd exam. the results were supposed to come out next week so this was quite a shock, had to log into GMC website to confirm it was for real. but yeah, he'd passed, was not even close. was a god damn RELIEF. now there is literally nothing stopping us (or slowing us down, should i say). i cant believe everything so far has gone according to plan. unfortunately while i do feel relief and im joyful, i am quick to move on to new worries. now im particularly stressed about the reference check for the rental property which is pretty serious sh*t. but i would say passing this exam was the most important thing out of all - because jobs seem to come easy, and there are plenty of flats too. well not plenty to fit our requirements but's not impossible to find a flat.  had doctor needed to retake the exam it would've caused a bit of a delay in him starting working and incurred costs of course. those things happen in life but im glad it wasnt the case now. now, if the registration  goes without a hitch, he's due to start work Feb 1st - exacly on schedule (a schedule i've drafted in excel, but thats kind of what counts?). retaking the exam would've complicated his residence card application too...  cos u need a passport for these exams, registering with GMC etc...and thats not really possible if the passport is with the Home Office. so yeah, the news about the exam crowned the week. so proud of my breakfast-in-bed-making bf that i'll share his PLAB2 results here;
somehow im not surprised that the 'bereaved relative' station didn't go so well. there is a reason doctor specialized in emergency med and not psychiatry or oncology or something where u need a that specific type of empathy...:D

Elmor invited us to celebrate the succesful week with her colleagues near tower bridge. there is a row of bars, all full through so many enjoy drinks ourside. reminds me of istanbul. i dont miss standing in the cold through.

but it didn't end there. on saturday doctor got is national insurance number in mail. thats yeat another step towards...everything. nice to have before u start work so that it won't cause delays.

and me...i got my first ever pair of glasses in mail yesterday!! blind no more! i was on my way to prepping for a christmas lunch with some finnish women and i think the frames complimented my look pretty well. although i dont need them inside, so it's mostly my outdoor look. but i had to take a selfie! 

it was quite odd walking around with glasses. i felt slightly different. had some issues estimating near distances, like when in stairs. but the effect of looking at something over the glasses... and it's soft and blurry, and then through the lens...and it's sharp... pretty magical! :D i ordered my glasses from Zenni, which a friend of a friend recommended. she is a pro glass wearer so i trusted in her opinion. i had a few people question how i could trust a chinese website with prescription glasses. like, what if the frames didn't sit perfectly on my nose? oh well, i only need them otside or for watching tv, so. and also, whether they look 'good' on me or not (subjective?). its not a main concern for me, im not in a beauty pageant and find myself attractive enough so that minor stuff like not wearing make up or wearing unflattering glasses don't faze hw i feel about myself. these were my first glasses anyway, and with shipping i paid around 35usd. i think thats an afordable way to get started. then i will learn lessons if needed, and maybe when i know more about what i want and need, and i can invest more in a real optics shop. maybe. and in 5 yrs if my sight has stabilized, i could perhaps get lasik surgery. for now, im happy with my budget choice.

A covered shopping area in Victoria;

my christmas lunch was not very and chips. but i believe it was my first fish and chips in UK after moving. and mulled cider!

our street late in the evening, all foggy and chilly. 

oh and i just learned last night that we are also getting a bonus at work! i think it's in the next salary. awesomes!!

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