December 15, 2016

scary amount of stuff going on

wow sweet god our offer on a flat was accepted...  it was the 2nd offer we made, had to up the budget a bit cos we got greedy about space and it seemed like 2 bedrooms were maybe, possibly, just within our reach if we did. we came here perfectly prepared to live in a tiny box at least for the first year or so, but things have gone slightly better than my conservative estimation. i always rather be positively surprised than disappointed...    and this flat is even bigger than a standard 2 bed. the catch? its street level. on a gated courtyard, but visible, yeah. for us that's not a dealbreaker though. i know having wall sized windows will bite us in the ass in the form of heatings costs but thats life. i am a sucker for space, and modern finish. now i am of course stressed about the reference check that will take several days up to a week. our agent is optimistic that it will go through but turkey taught me to be even more pessimistic and vary than i was before....  since we are new here and my job is from finland, all we have to show is a steady 'ok' income for me, and some savings.

and then....
doctor accepted a job offer from his fav hospital this week. so its a crazy week. but i dont think he will have the contract in hand for this reference check so it won't be considered i think.  and its conditional on him getting registered by then, and that depends on the exam results which are out on the 21st. anyway im really happy things have at least started well for him work wise.

but soo...  i feel like its too early to celebrate the flat until it's all checked out and papers signed. so for now im just gonna put a photo from the outside - our hopefully-to-be home in Brixton near Coldharbor Lane.

last weekend in Enfield - one of the turkish areas of the city. there, one can run into turkish people, get service in turkish in restaurants etc. and eat tassssty turkish food. it had been 3 months so it was time :D

a cute book shop in Brixton
on monday i went to drag queen bingo at royal vauxhall tavern with Anna and her friends. it was much more fun than i even expected, hilarious stuff.

on tuesday, something completely different...  London Chess Classic! the final leg of Grand Chess Tour 2016.  like the little groupie i am, i went there to see the masters play with my own eyes. and the commentary, which i've been enjoying through live feeds, now in front of my eyes! it was very cool. and they gave me a full tournament pass!

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