December 09, 2016

and now it finally IS friday

i remember not so long ago the day of the week didnt matter much. even with my current job, i remember working a bit during the weekend and it was sort of all the same, almost. but since being in London, i have noticed a shift towards separating the 'week' and 'weekend'. and i am waiting for the weekend just like everyone else. not cos i hate my job, at all, i have no idea why this is happening. ive always associated that it happens to ppl who dislike their job but maybe not only. anyway so now im like everyone else, waiting for a friday, oh well.

this "Finland doesn't exist" story was almost funny. i get the social experiment aspect kind of, but the starter of the theory believes there is 90% of people who are just trolling for the fun of it, and 10% who actually take it seriously and want to disprove the country exists.  just dont think the number is really 10%. i think it's closer (or exactly) zero. so what i think we have, is a community of peoplw who enjoy the parody and feed off of each other, each thinking that they are feeding proper conspiracy theorists. cos even for people who vote for Trump and cant tell their Africa from their India*, it doesnt take much effort to disprove this theory, does it? so it's almost funny. if there was something similar, maybe not quite as outrageous, that would really have people believing, then i'd be interested in reading. hmm i think thats called bigfoot. and i have read plenty of articles about those to beieve, almost believe, or want to believe. its fascinating stuff.
*inspired by last nights The Apprentice UK episode, where a contestant had trouble distinguishing the two, and also thought 'Colony Gin' was a good name for a gin. go figure :D 

doctor is busy reading and wathing documentaries and whatnot again, kind of like after our move and before the course and hassle of the 2nd exam. i think its 12 days until we get the results actually! and meanwhile, he got another job offer resulting from his interview this past monday. and in case that doesn't pan out, 2 more interviews coming up. then, passing the exam, he would hopefully have a job waiting for him. if not, a sliiiight delay will ensue. last night he was reading about protestantism - and concluded after a while that it was boring as fuck. i said i know, i had to read about Martin Luthen and the rest for years in scool. luckily none of it stuck. look at me, being proud of my ignorance :)

we have Spotify family account and annoyingly the account is linked to the country where the credit card is issued from (=Finland, right now). not billing address or location, although those are required as well. you're supposed to be able to change the location and it should be your physical location but in practise, doesn't really work that way. so we get these finnish playlist suggestions that are quite annoying. i suppose i shouldnt mind, but im not really interested in most finnish music...

London Chess Classic final event starts today. all the big names are there, except for Magnus. but i assume thats cos he was just recently busy with defending his world title. anyway im kind of excited and wanna go and the tickets are free for females (and under 25 yr olds). sexist imho, but well. and i dont even wanna go into thinking how it is for those uncertain of their sex or gender or existence. u just have to go with what your passport says about it i guess, and that decides between 0 and 20£. i understand the positive idea behind the discrimination but not sure i can support it.

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