December 08, 2016

feels like friday but its not

me and dcotor went to Greenwich last saturday. there was a christmas market and yadi yadi. cute stuff.

view of London from the royal observatory. not that impressive when looking through a pocket camera lens. 

bottomless brunch at The Jam Tree.went there with Karin, our flatmate and her friend who'd come for a visit from finland. and asked our flat mate how she knows me, having seen my name on her fb friends. she remembered me from IRC gallery when my photos were floating around the internets. odd but so cool to be remembered, still - its been 10 yrs!!

me and doctor tried watching Asperger's Are Us but it was unfortunately a bit boring with the cast planning a comedy show...  not sure what i was expecting, usually i like documetaries and i definitely tend to like 'aspie's cos they're surprisingly much similarities in our thinking! yes im generalizing, and stereotyping, all at once.

i noticed they made a sequal to fifty shades of grey. Jamie Dornan must have been paid a lot to do that. or maybe he thinks its a great phenomenon. i just thougt he was really hot in The Fall (awkward but really...) so then to have him do something like 50 shades...barf. he looks like a puppy in the trailer, like a completely different person.

but what im gonna watch for sure is BAYWATCH! :D :D 

i have a cold, oh no. my sinuses feel annoying. and i ordered a pair of glasses online, from a shop the friend our flatmate recommended. so maybe they wont sit perfectly on my nose, who knows, but going out these days i feel like im blind, and watching tv is a bit tedious too sometimes, so i just need something to be able to SEE. doesnt need to be perfect, and life is not a beauty contest so who cares if the frames are an ideal width to my face. the fact that they didnt cost 100£ was kind of ideal. i can re-evaluate the situation again later.

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