March 17, 2017

pampering time

our cupboards are still fairly empty and our style looks oddly plain. i do appreciate simplistic design but somehow we've always had random, colorful things too. i think the coffee mug there is a good way to start things off...even if its not literally colorful.
my corner of the bedroom. i filled this drawer in the blink of an eye.

now that we have our own place, and its warmenough to run around nakes too, i got inspired to take care of myself again. sooo i went on a shopping spree. nail files, lotions, fake lashes... in short: stuff. that felt amazing.
we dont use an iron often...  maybe once or twice a year. but when we do need it, we really need it. its good to have one for those moments. so i bought an iron to avoid a catasprophe.

a view from the corner of our street. brixton village is there on the right, about 150m ahead.

our housewarming was a success in my books. i think we had 15-20 guests so that was definitely good and what i aimed for. food and drinks lasted and the lasts guests left after 5am. good start!

oddly creepy dating show; game of clones.

since ive been wondering abut how they plan to manage the throne accession and queen's death, this article was quite interesting (Guardian).

tomorrow: UFC in London!!

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