March 21, 2017

now back to me

UFC done. it was so nice though, seeing and experiencing it first hand, i was excited. my friend, 'family man from espoo', was here for the weekend and we went to see it together. the finns didnt fare so well this time. had to cheer for the one swede that did...

blurry and whatever, but the idea comes across; 

finally alone tho, i DO LOVE having friends over, but especially if it's for over a week, i quite appreciate being alone afterwards. just chilling in my bathrobe, ready to watch a tv show. i guess i quite like home life? and frozen foods! veggie fingers, some weird quinoa mix and spinach. heat them up in microwave and then add egg, 1 more minute and ots done. and tried on doctor's peri peri sauce.
lol, 1.5 months after sending Lloyds a letter (filled form) for an address change, they replied via txt saying the address has now been changed. i would not have obviously sent a bloody paper form if it wasn't the requirement. but it was supposed to take a week or two. oh well, whatever. UK curiosities.

Vera is back! one of my fav shows.

doctor gave me a sushi dinner and a Ryanair voucher for my birthday. i thought it was really thoughtful. i do love sushi, and he still wants me to travel even if his passport is stuck at the Home Office and he cant.

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