March 22, 2017

proper rainy London day

i read Holly Madison's Down the Rabbit Hole in  a few days. while i was supposed to be reading Orwell's Homage to Catalonia - for our book club which is due to get together next week. well, both are biographical, right? but i have started the latter and will finish it obviously. then, i have the next bio in queue; Branson. DtRH was quite ok, but got a little bit 'american' towards the end - i get that she had to fight her way to where she got, but so does everyone else. the tone just got a bit superficial and fake-ish.still, overall i liked it ok.

some things are moving forward. the postman introduced himself the other day, his name is Jason. an older man, who says he likes when its not too warm out. i never got to know the postman/woman in istanbul cos they didnt usually come to the door, but was on superficial terms with the postwoman who last worked our street. point is, getting friendly with people around here reminds me of istanbul, i like it.

omg i found the switch for our bathroom fan. its annoyed the fuck out of me, ive even had showers in candle light in order not to have to listen to it. but, there was a swicth, outside the bathroom, above the door. certainly not easy to reach, have to jump or stand on a chair. the challenge will be to remember to turn it on at times, still, though. the bathroom would surely get moldy very fast if not. 

article on Brixton's recent evolution (Guardian). im surprised to read that the average rent for a 1 bed house is 1744£ in this area?! maybe the keyword is house? cos our 2 bed flat is less than that. and this a pretty nice, modern place. i guess its the flat vs house thing then. but the article is also referring to statistics that paint Brixton mostly white. am i living in another Brixton? cos this is preeeetty black and 50 other shades. if we wanted predominantly white or less diverse i guess we would've moved to Clapham or somewhere else. but it definitely depends where in Brixton u are, too - 100 meters can make a difference. on the street by the shops you see jamaicans chilling, middle easterners holding shop... then u walk into the hipstery Pop Brixton and everyone is white... on the bus nearly everyone is black again. at the tube station its super mixed, which i like.

Pop Brixton last week

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