March 06, 2017

post-move crisis?

despite everything, i think im not super happy right now. well, without wanting to sound bipolar, occasionally i am really cheery, but perhaps going through post moving stress or something.

im still feeling a bit embarassed about having such a nice, big home. i know i shouldnt waste energy on such a feeling, its useless and unhelpful.

Susanna visited us today, since she cant make it to the housewarming.  brought us a nice gift, too - we love bubbly. we had late lunch in a thai place in Brixton village and looked around the shops there. im starting to enjoy the neighborhood more and more.
book! yeah, a light read but thats what i want. light stuff. lightmusic, light tv and light books. not ashamed.

found a perfectly sized cutlery tray on amazon! wow.

 me and doctor ate at a greek restaurant (sappho meze) the other night. it was nice to have some familiar tastes. we are definiely eating out more now that doctor is working and things have sort of stabilized.

got this black & white bookshelf cos its so modifiable. not sure this corner look works...i thought it would nicely separate my 'office area'  from the rest but it creates a sort of dark corner.

Brixton after rain. 

 this was my solution to the lack of storage in our bathroom. not ideal but will do, accessible from both bath tub and sink. we also got a mirrordoor cabinet buuuuut it would require attaching it to the wall and we cant do that, so now its just awkwardly leaning...

not sure this is the best way to store spices and everything else, but its so spacy underneath it kind of made sense.  and i wouldnt want to get yet another shelf or rack. i dunno. time will show.

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