February 28, 2017

finally here.

i would like to go straight to the issues, as is most comfortable for myself:
  • poor phone signal inside the flat
  • livingroom slow to heat, heating not particularly effective there, not surprising at all
  • bathroom has zero hooks to hang anything, and no smooth tiles to attach suction cupped hooks on - thanks interior designer or whoever didnt think this through
  • doors are 5cm thick, so no door hanger fits
  • despite thick doors, sound insulation is very poor, we can hear neighbors as well as anything happening in the other rooms quite well. well, this is the 2nd least surprising minus out of all.
  • kitchen is huge but the actual worktop area small, so i had to buy a separate kitchen island - and im not even an avid cook. still plenty of useless floor space to waste. 
  • bathroom fan goes on with the light. i understand its purprose but i hate it. 
  • the windows have blinds and nothing to hang real curtains on. i am a curtain person so blinds are very...meh. 
the positives are too obvious no? its a huge flat, i feel almost embarrassed by it. in london specifically, where so many of my friends are forced to live in small rooms. and modern and neat. ok a few positive points that are not self evident but that i can appreciate: it is well insulated from external sound and cold air. the train track is in front (love watchint trains!) but we can barely hear them, it was something we really paid attention to before making an offer. and the bathroom is warm; very important! also we have a security alarm system, a good extra on a ground floor flat even is protected by a gate, too. and something that many would consider a minus; very poor recycling opportunities. there is theoretically recycling, but it's in another building, behind a coded gate, 150m walk from our place. it may be that we will not do that much recycling. and there is no bio waste or anything. ah, back to turkish times.

 moving day, last friday!

loving the dishes! Iittala 24h that my mom got me like 10 yrs ago.

view of kitchen coming from bedroom.

Vax vacuum cleaner. doctor was skeptical if i could pick a nice one, he was voting for a Dyson originally but we agreed that the price category those are in is just ridiculous. esp since we're not such eager cleaners. i did a lot of reading on vacuum cleaners and ended up with this one.
 first things first...shoes. almost all the winter shows seemed to fit on this shelf...now we just need another shelf for summer shoes.

first meal in new home: 

i AM loving my new work/computer station. and the amount of light coming in!!! :D and importantly, its not super cold, im quite comfortable. occasionally people and trains pass by....me happy. 

so i had planned this Aalto vase for tealights but it is perhaps better with one larger candle in the middle. 

wine rack. 

the microwave looks a bit plastic-y, but its good. 

new rugs came today;
a colorful one for doctor. 

...and these colorful ones for kitchen.
ive had really early morning this week due to work. it wasnt so hard to get up actually but ive been really tired by the afternoon and early evening. i think the move and emotional 'work' associated with it is also being relased and it will take a few more days to get back to normal. 

i finally got my iphone battery replaced (at Lovefone). the situation was so painful with the phone i was almost ready to buy a new one...  but instead i got the battery replaced, my employer will cover that, and it seems to have worked aaaand i am very happy!! now its just the normal...old phone weak battery, but thats fine.

reading deportation stories is depressing

Benjamin Clementine: London (<- -="" link="" p="" spotify="">spotify link)

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