February 15, 2017

british paperwork

brits love their bureucray. living up to the reputation and then some. like, it keeps surprising me, sometimes i just want to laugh listening and going through the procedures with the companies, agents, landlords and whatnot. yet, its not like things work perfectly, people seem to be a bit sluggish. not always, but overall. this is also what doctor has witnessed at work. a simple task like changing an antibiotics prescription can take 2 hours, for said bureucracy and people's slow pace. and these things feed off each other. they talk about NHS crisis...but its certainly not only that they dont have enough staff, its just that staff is 'busy' doing things in very old fashioned and complicated manner AND taking their time doing it. there are effective people too, but sluggishness can be infectious...why hurry when no one else around u does? i am sure there are really busy ER's in London too, but from what i hear so far, the resources are just oddly allocated and so it looks worse than it has to be.

but where was i? bureucracy. ah. "we will mail you a form, please fill it and send it back. we will then mail you a reference number and in 3 weeks time, send you x." lolollol. Royal Mail has a good business going, if this country updated itself a bit, they'd be out of business....  also faxes are much loved here! and, if u dont set up your bills (internet, water etc) on direct debit, the companies get very very upset. when u are making a cotract, the sound is sometmes almost threatening, either u set up DD, or...  getting a broadband was not even possible withour direct debit (BT). which was tought as at the time i didnt even have a bank account...  and most companies give you a discount if u agree to pay by DD.

the other day i got an electricity contract for the new flat. i didnt know much about it so i sort of went along. the flat had Economy7 deal. i then researched whether the heaters in the flat are storage heaters or not (ironically, the landlording company has no idea what the heaters are). they are not. therefor, a cheaper night rate is hardly useful for us. especially as i am home all day and will need heating. so i call the electricity company back and say i would rather get the fixed tarif instead - same price for day and night energy. the lady has me wait for 5 minutes on the line and then comes back and says that their specialists don't recommend it, as it may hike my price up. but they also cannot give me a quote without taking me off the current contract. what?? lol. i repeated that i am pretty sure i dont want Economy7 as we will be using more energy daytime rather than night time, and can they not even give me the kW prices for thr fixed rate? she was a bit stiff but went back to ask someone. then, finally i got someone on the phone who agreed that yes, indeed Economy7 may not be the best deal for us, and gave me prices for "E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v7". and in every sentence, she would repeat the full E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v7...  and that was a long call. lol again.

our flat check-in inventory was 19 pages... 

2nd floor of Pop Brixton. we went there with doctor's friends the other night. reasonable prices too. 

Brixton streets... the markets remind me of Istanbul, a big reason i like Brixton. 

ive found magic eraser. it actually is like magic..  cleans pretty much anything :o  im shocked i'd never heard of it before.

 our new bedroom is finding its form...
 livingroom is becoming habitable too.

ive always wanted to shop at Muji. finally i gave myself the permission to. some breakfast cereal bowls, a plate and extra spoons... 

a cool white wine from co-op. the taste was average i guess. 

i wish Theresa May wasnt bowing before Trump - not just for the sake of UK's future, but i feel like Merkel is the only one stocking to her guns. it mist be lonely!

i was suprised but delighted to find Vallila items in local Amazon :)

nice article on Agent Provocateur and feminism. ive somehow managed to afford a few of their items, and they are certainly the 'jewels' of my lingerie collection. will be interesting to see how things are gonna change there.

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