February 15, 2017

cannot wait to move

so we got keys to the new place last friday. officially our contract started then. so there is a "bit" of overlap with our current place, but at least moving is smooth, time to plan, take measurements etc. i went straight from the check-in inventory to H&M Home, getting a couple of towels and sheets. i didnt really have anything in mind, just had to obsessively go buy *something* and take it to the new home. kind of like dogs pee on tres to mark them?

then on saturday i went to IKEA with doctor. one of the bigger IKEAs out there, it soon became clear. and oh boy did my feet hurt after that day. in the end i couldnt even think of going through the food section, i was in so much pain i just wanted to get home. next day i was ready at the flat in the morning when home delivery brough all the bigger items. then, the assembly started! i am pretty good at assembling IKEA furniture and usualy happy to do so, but i admit this amount of furniture is a bit daunting. when doctor joined me, i switched to the lighter, smaller shelves and took a more administrative, instruction reading role with the large items, like the bed.

UK and swedish flags up...  we had a good lunch overlooking them.
4 trolleys full of stuff...

the next day it arrived - one overwhelming pile in our livingroom;

doctor's room/guest room (with the pre-furnished Uk size double bed and a cheat of drawers);
 our bedroom, again partly pre-furnished with Malm pieces;

have i ever written it down how much i hate BROWN WOOD? ok, wood is brown by nature. but if i just said wood, well it could be painted white or black or something...  i am not a fan of those either but medium and dark brown i really cant live with. and now i have to, anyway. there is also a brown Lack coffee table in the living room and 2 sofas. their only minus is that they are not sofa beds, but the color and style are fine - classic IKEA. so at least there is that.
 we bought some small stuff too.. tool set, light bulbs, candles.... 

 some kitchen items and a rug;

Mulig shelf for shoes and a clothes rack. now we're just missing the doormat.

im not fond of bed headboards, but gave in. relationships are all about compromising, right? doctor likes to sit up in bed to read, and so far its meant leaning to the wall, which causes the matress, bed and everything else move...  i think headboard was really just the only solution, so we got it. on a white Malm frame.

i think the vocabulary used for matresses is surprisingly inadequate...  they're just medium firm or firm. maybe soft. but they all feel different, depending on various features! i think terms that could be used are "top soft, firm base" "sinking" "bouncy firm" etc. we got a medium firm matress, but its sort of sinking in a bit, on the top.

 on friday, when we got our keys, we decided to celebrate by eating at the corner restaurant. its an italian, just about 70m from our door.

learn something new every day...today it was "bean curd". decided to treat myself with chinese food and ordered something i didnt recognize on the menu. not sure if it has anything to do with beans... but tasty!

i got a new wallet...  2nd hand tho. i think it will take a while to find a reaaaally nice one so i just got "something" decent off eBay.

finally found  a decent nail salon. still not perfect, but i feel like it's worth trying to improve upon.

finally; the australian Married At First Sight has become more and more like a dramatized dating show, such as the Bachelor. my theory is, that since the marriages are not legal (aussie law...), the people are not taking it really as seriously as they normally would, if the were getting married. and i dont know if the matches made in the earlier seasons were especially poor for the very same reason - like why bother since its not legal? i remember questioning some of them...  but this season its just a joke. theyve gone with the entertainment factor, mostly. picking some slightly odd characters, a set of model-like twins...and so forth. so many of the couples are clearly not happy with the partner they were given...its not even funny. so there we have a show thats pretending to be about getting married, but its just an odd dating show, where they have added things to make it more dramatic, like a stay-or leave 'event'. maybe cos they know some couples wont make it till the end anyway... and moving them all into the same building...   i have nothing against entertaining dating shows (or wannabe reality tv stars pretending to be in a dating show...), but if u disguise it as one, and then make it the other, i think its just cheeky...not in a good way.

Tefal has an interesting idea, detachable handles. ive been mulling over this for a while, and we decided to give it a go, so i ordered a small set. project New Home is steaming ahead...

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