February 09, 2017

empty pockets

so my wallet and glasses were robbed last friday. everyone goes "glasses?". yeah. they were in their case, i dunno why, what happened... the thief mistook the case for another wallet? luckily my glasses were not expensive, since it was my "trial" run with Zenni, but i will go back to them, actually. the glasses were good.  i was in a bar/club in Shoreditch with Avner, and had had enough drinks to let go of my handbag for a sec...and thats when thieves naturally strike. too bad. now waiting to get all my cards replaced and buying a new wallet and all. i actually had a habit of leaving my 2nd credit card home, for the very purpose of distributing risk, but as i got home on Friday and called the bank, i just cancelled ALL the cards without a second thought :D lol. so much for that smart planning...   i am a bit down about it, but i am also glad i didnt lose anything more. the drivers license is perhaps the worst.not sure if/how i could get another one.

doctor started work at the hospital. had night shifts and all. for a couple living in 1 room, its a bit of a nightmare... coming home in the morning, he had to sleep on the livingroom couch. its relatively quiet there cos no one uses the livingroom, and all our rooms are upstairs. but its a bit odd. cant wait to have our own place and separate bedroom so he can have a decent sleep any time of the day. its also a bit odd for me, for him to leave home late in the evening, in Istanbul his hospital only had 2 kinds of shifts, day or night, and the night shft started at 5pm. at this hospital, the shifts start and begin at various hours. there is 8-17, 10-18, 14-22, 12-20, 22-8 and so on. but i think the variety can be good, doctor has at least claimed that prefers variation rather than routine. we will see :D

i made pork belly the other day. first time ever. im gutted i didnt take a photo, cos im not going to remember let alone believe myself later... it was a 3.5h task. sure, it just sat in the oven but thats still a major process. it turned out really well tho. and doctor said he has rainbows in his mouth. so, job well done.

i went to a really nice event with Anna and Sophie whom she was showing around town. Smut Slam! its gonna be held monthly in Brixton -  too close not to attend :D people sharing odd and fun personal stories  in a fun relaxed setting. 

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