February 03, 2017

now we just sit and wait and live life

(another) big day, yesterday. doctor started work officially. and i mailed his residence card application aaaand my registration certificate application to Home Office. now we wait 6 months. ive heard it's stretching towards 7 now tho, but hoping for the best.

it was a proper pile, 1,15 kg. and 65£ postal orders. the postal orders have her majesty's picture - just made me think if they have prepared the draft for printing them with Charles's photo...  and what if he passes the throne to William - maybe the need to have 2 drafts?!
the queens picture and title are everywhere, changing all those will be a major task. i wonder how much it costs? i mean ...Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs? ok they can make it His Majesty's... fine. but really. i wonder if they have the phot of Charles ready, picked? orr if they pick a new photo every few years, just waiting. and is the king going to be on the bills, too? 

in the work front things are going ok, im feeling pretty motivated and there is a lot going on, learning new stuff. im also getting contacted by headhunters, but as i am not planning to switch, it just oddly lifts my spirits and motivates me to try become better. its nice to feel wanted, i guess?

still, when i hear people talking, as they (rarely) walk past our window, i am a little startled at first when i realize its english. at the back of my mind i expect turkish i guess.

i am having dreams lately where perhaps i am not here in London, cos when i wake up, i am first confused where i am. i have asked doctor a few times "where are we?" :D but its a bit odd... i think, although having lived in this flat for almost 5 months, it being so temporary and our life still not settled, my mind is in a sort of limbo. im hoping this will change once we move and set into our routines.

i got these silver triangles for 'daily' wear. daily means basically always, no need to worry about the weight ot anything else, they work with everything. 

a aprt of me would like to have a tv in the bedroom in our future home, cos it's been kind of fun having it now. but, its not good for sleep quality, shouldnt mess with the bedroom...  so i think i will just keep that in mind and leave the bedroom alone.

brits really like bulky, ugly vacuum cleaners...  im trying to learn about them in order to pick the right one for us, but there is so much to compare!! uh huh. well, thursday night well spent...

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