January 30, 2017

moving preparations

Trump's immigrant ban is stupifyingly horroneous even for me - i usually shrug and think to myself "what can u expect from him..." etc...  i mean seriously. that country is screwed...

speaking of the country that is screwed, they have a wonderful company called Amazon. we dont even live in the new flat yet and im already browsing Amazon, compulsively looking for books to fill shelves with...(also browsed IKEA to get some shelves).  to think that i left loads of books in finland on my 'storage evacuation trip' is a bit sad in this respect. but one by one i will bring them...and one day i will have a grand library again! i am desperately addicted to real books although ive tried hard to switch. i have managed to read digital books, too, of course, but i seem to always yearn for the paper version.

a few options to start shopping:
Norman: The Design of Everyday Things 
Lester: Bunny Buddhism
de Bono: Lateral Thinking
Gill: 'Honour' Killing and Violence; Theory, Policy & Practise

me and 'family man from espoo' bought tickets to the upcoming UFC event in London. were lucky to get any tickets at all, they were sold out very quickly...  he will come and stay in London that weekend, so we can probably grab a few drinks too and have a chat. but im so excited over going to a UFC event!! had i ever had the change to go to PRIDE, i would've, but UFC will do for now. and there is Makwan Amirkhani too :)

 no wonder it gets bit cold inside when there are open slots like this between windows...   christ.

Clapham Common Iceland has a nifty coffee machine. overall, Iceland looked tidier there than in Brixton. i get it, need to localize...CC people are poshier, whiter and have more money than the average Brixtoner. Brixton is a little bit grungy, not as polished. but thats part of it's charm. i wouldnt mind a spacy, clean Iceland tho...

to celebrate our montly anniversary we went to a maroccan & lebanese restaurant (Argan) where doctor especially was veeery happy with the offerings. reminded him of home. i liked it too. now i know where to take him if he gets homesick :)

my tasks today: worked on the residence card application (EEA FM)  papers, as well as filling a registration certificate application (QP) myself. it costs an extra 65£ but there is a legend that submitting that alongside the EEA FM application would help, so...:D  im pessimistic and feel like home office is rejecting applications left and right if they in any way can. but lets hope for the best. also if it goes through, i then have a card to prove my residence...in a couple years it may come in handy, who knows. just realized our bank statements from Lloyd's dont have a stamp on every page, just the first one. okay, my bad for not noticing when i got them. i will send doctor there to get new ones...  he has 2 days off before starting work at the hospital.

some examples from my application form....

from doctor's application. 

the other day i saw the mailman wearing shorts...  i mean what the fuckin fuck, it was zero degrees that very second. ZERO. it was supposed to be 5, i remember that, but im not sure that wouldve made a huge difference. shorts.

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