January 24, 2017

not the ordinary tuesday

today was a major victory for us. yesterday GMC finally invited doctor over for ID check. and i managed to get him a cancellation appointment for today! yay. soooo today he was officially registered as a DOCTOR IN THE UK. omg, we only worked on this for a year??! haha. and by 'we' i mean me, he just studied medicine for 10 yes and did a 'few' exams, i did all of the rest!! :) but this is a major milestone, without him being registered nothing else would really be possible. i feel victorious and hopeful about the future. he is due to start work next week!

we have a bottle of bubbly and i will take him to a turkish restaurant tonight to celebrate! i booked us a table in turkish of course. i was worried when i opened my mouth and realised i was speaking in turkish, as a reaction to the guy answering the phone with a turkish accent. but turkish is still in me, i havent forgotten.

also, at work there is a inhouse QA development project going on which inspires me. amongst other things i am investigating and comparing JIRA Atlassian test suite add ons. i didnt know about them! but now i do!

we watched the documentary about Magnus Carlsen with doctor. it did seem a bit hastily done, and not horribly deep, basically just his road from a gifted child to the world chess champion. but it was ok nevertheless.

its hard to try decide which shelf unit or shoe rack will best fit our new place... im struggling between a few options. Ikeas MULIG looks like the most likely candidate for next to entrance. my Ikea shopping list is growing as im collecting all the potential options for a book shelf, entrance rug and laundry basket...   altho im trying to keep my mind open, in this country, Ikea is NOT my only option. there are other brands and shops that sell simplistic, affordable designs. and a part of me might want a make up desk! but furnishing the place will take a while. and we need to consider that its just for 1 year for now...and we need to avoid making holes in the wall...and all the other stuff im sooo used to by now :(

something that maybe sounds old fashioned (or just british - same thing?) but that i like is being pleased. as in 'im so pleased for you', for example. i have taken a liking to it, perhaps cos i was never very comfortable with "im happy for you". happy is such a strong word...  it sounds a bit fake for me personally, when i use it myself i mean. but i can definitely say i feel pleased about things or for someone. finnish emotion scale is limited.

i have tried not to spend too much energy feeling shitty about the whole Trump thing. i mean it is what it is. but reading about the abortion stuff, yeah... it gets me fuming. and UK politics... i might have promised to myself, and out loud, that i wont complain about it at least for the first 6 months. so im trying to stick to that. buuut its not that hard to be honest even with the brexit stuff - just one look at the turkish headlines puts things in perspective.

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