April 30, 2017

another long weekend for me! thank you May Day

so now wikipedia is blocked in turkey. what a surprise...? 
aaaand smooth transition to the photos from the amazing bbq party i was at a week ago in south london;
there was great food and drinks, very south american oriented. and great people! :D

also from a while ago, met someone new through Vina and we had wine and tacos and nachos in pop brixton...
 ...and then ended up in Three Eight Four, a rustic hisptery bar. 

brixton night life...  there is always a jamaican/african street party goin on in the weekend, just down from our street, loud boomboxes entertaining people.

typical lunch. frozen rice & veggie mix, frozen nacho bean burger...  5 min in the microwave, and a bit of sweet chilli sauce on top. its no top chef material but could be worse, im happy with it.

yesterday i actually cooked all by myself. well i bought pre-sliced and diced things, but none of it was frozen. i overcooked it a bit tho, the colors were more delicious like...15min earlier...  too much meat too  but i had a lump of mince beef that was expiring and the freezer is getting full too, so, i had to cook. with butternut squash, onion, broccoli and spinach. and loads of garlic paste - doctors patients were not be thanking me, he just left off to another nightshift after dinner.

its almost like this is becoming a food blog...  ehm. it would be called something like  "A nearly middle aged woman's half-assed attempt at cooking: a disinterested take on how to eat semi-healthy with minimal effort, and then resorting to nachos once a week.". i think im just still excited over my options here, all the frozen stuff, products ive never seen and being able to buy free range meat. although hunting for new and more suitable products (meat) creates work too.but thats the kind of little problems that i can appreciate, much better than worrying about war or cancer or other stuff that a lot of people unfortunately have to struggle with.

i bought some black wallpaper (from a guy just behind the corner, on Shpock) and gift wrap with a cassette tape theme... i want to use the latter for
 we got a grey rug and a grey map-themed platic table cover. plastic is a bit meh but i want to to be easy. maybe i should tape the sides down though. 

 i bought this bike wheel to hang on the nail that was already on the wall. but im not quite happy how it doesnt hang nicely. will try to figure out a solution.

i was trying to get rid of a pair of shoes on gumtree today when someone contacted me to buy the pair and asked if they are "well worn". thats code for a shoe fetishist. i dont really care who buys my shoes, i just rather get 5£ or 10£ for my troubles than throw them in the bin - but of course they want to engage in a conversation about submissive they are and if i wore the shoes without socks or so. its a dilemma when you are trying to get something done, like sell shoes, but its a matter of how much time do i want to spend chatting in general - time is worth something too. 2 hours later i met the buyer and got 30£ for 3 pairs of shoes. so i think in the end i did well. now the shoes have a good home - sic - and i dont have to feel bad about throwing stuff in the bin.

what is we are living in a computer simulation? (Guardian). well, interesting but doesnt really faze me, seems to work fine for the most part. unless famine is a bug. but it may also well be working as designed...

i was not too interested in the new Wikileaks/Assange documentary but this Gizmodo article has me reconsidering.

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