May 16, 2017

spring is properly here i hope?

oh dear the temp here is 24c today, much like Madrid on sunday. i returned yesterday but still feel a bit tired and confused. we were really efficient though, Karin & me, and i feel like we got a good general idea of Madrid in our 2.5 days there.  

doing shopping today, dress from Madrid :)

was delighted to find Icelandic show Case on channel4.

i started reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, after Arttu's recommendation. i might not agree with everything or i am too eager to look for loops or agenda, but it is interesting and through provoking which is the most important thing.

Guardian put my thoughts to words (well maybe a tad harsher than me, but still) re: Brad Pitt's GQ interview.

stuff like this asylum limbo is crazy (Guardian). i understand the world is far from perfect but when the gross imperfetions are so close its hard to accept it.

London is much more scattered than Istanbul, i feel. although istanbul is bigger, i think people are distributed less evenly... or i suppose its just certain kinds of people? most of the foreigners i met lived in a few areas. and my turkish friends were similarly in those (liberal...) districts. of course london districts have their differences, but i am meeting people from all over, my friends are all over the bloody place. its a bit frustrating. although its given me a reason to explore the city a bit, it makes things harder in everyday life.

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