May 24, 2017

i missed takeout food a lot

so Madrid was very nice. i was really happy to be able to get out of london for a bit and enjoy the colors of spain.

i started reading No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood. its very light and entertaining... like, maybe too much so. still, interesting to hear various womens stories on how they ended up being childless, as not everyone story is the same. im not sure if at some point in my teenage years i assumed i would have kids. i might have, but if i did it was not a strong feeling, i think i was always more interested in partnership and friendship.but i think at least since i turned 18 or 19 or so ive been pretty sternly against having kids of my own.

i have too many books going on right now to be honest, should finish one or two and then return to the rest one by one.

also im watching Easy on Netflix. its light and nothing earth shattering as is typical for me, just some good 30 something entertainment that i suppose didnt cost too much to make.

Bigger Faster Stronger  was an odd and interesting documentary about anabolic steroids. i think the main gist was to convince the viewer that steroids are not really bad for you. well, i dont know, maybe they are not as bad as they say - but i dont really know, it would require studying the subject a bit more.

tomorrow im going to see improv comedy with Anna. yay. friday im meeting some finns, saturday is dedicated to my relatioship, and sunday is art museum and thai food with Jessica. with the nice weather this week (24-27c) i think everything is going exceptionally well? tonight watching Kedi documentary with doctor while eating vietnamese take out. i think i actually might be in heaven.

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