June 05, 2017

thai and comedy

so im going to finland next week. ive been oddly busy lately and finland will be no different. i have a pretty tight schedule drawn up already. but thats the way the cookie crumbles! i should be grateful i have friends to meet and the ability and finances to do things and go to places. what i dont like is the "are you safe" messages after terror attacks. and facebook aggressively pushing me to mark myself safe. and it seems friends can even request you to do that; "Jane Doe wants to know if you are OK during the attack in London, UK". u know what, NO. if u really need to know that badly if im okay youre gonna have to wait and see. sorry, just hang in there. jesus. firstly, the very basic "what are the fucking odds" and second, "can u just hold on a few hours to see if im online on whatsapp or FB messenger...??". if im not on either of those 'with' you then maybe my OK'ness is none of your immediate business, anyway.  im not even a very tactical thinker, but this is what terrorists want, 7 people dead, and 70 million people all over the fuckin place, messaging each other feverishly to see whether they are ok, and clicking away to confirm they were not one of the 7 (or one of 70 injured, or so). general chaos and panic. if im not safe, i have much bigger problems than messaging friends, or possibly all my problems have been erased once and for all, but then its just gonna take a while until everyone knows and thats should be ok, ok? 

had forgotten, bought this cute dress in madrid. perfect for summer although long sleeved.

we had brunch in brixton village the other week. oyster appetizers!

i went to see improv theatre with Anna and her friend Daniel the other week. both fun kiwis. disppointingly only the main act was actual improv, the rest was sort of semi-improvised stand up comedy. i was shooting a short video of one of the acts, when he grabbed my camera and shoved it in his pants. or tights to be specific. yeah he was wearing tights and i saw my camera in there. after the show he deleted the video. probably for the better... :D

from one of our recent picnics. the weather has been very favourable.  

went to Saatchi gallery with Jessica. it was free so why not. they had a selfie exhibition which included a lot of modern stuff, but also Cindy Sherman and self portraits by painters such as Van Gogh etc.
 in one big room there was a sort of surveillance theme, the cameras were picking up the people in the room and plastering the wall with the faces.
that day i pampered myself with some shopping...  candles and coasters and a mug and a magnet....
thai food at wagamama with Niina, a new finnish acquintance. i have been social lately! to the pint that im a bit tired and just need some time off. but instead of time off im going to finland...

 i have also been shoe shopping. here are 2 of the pairs, pink Topshop heels and a black Kurt Geigers - i love wooden heels AND buckles.

i didnt know about the brixton pound until last night. its apparently a thing, a real local currency. the tenner has David Bowie in it. we were out with a finnish friend who is visiting, Miika, and his 2 amazing brazialian friends. enjoyed the terraces, small beer breweries and thai food (seems like im eating a lot of that lately - yay).

me and doctor wetmt to see Frankie Boyle. he is working on new material for a BBC series or something, so it was not super smooth and ready material but a lot of fun nevertheless, he has some really raunchy and controversial jokes. its nice we live somewhere where we can go enjoy entertainment and do different things. 

im sometimes a bit horrified listening to myself. since my accent has a tendency adapt to that of the person im talking to, and im already speaking with a british accent most of the time, i sometimes find myself speaking in this really 'posh' sounding accent that i would probably not prefer to listen to prior to coming here. or i would find it annoying or exaggarated. and then im speaking to someone and i hear myself draw out some words (such as wooooo'd for word) and adapt that fuckin tea time tone....  the price of living in UK is high in many ways?

Instagram has started to send "hey check out your friends latest posts" reminders too. well its quick to unsubscribe but wtf? also i think everytime i buy from groupon they re-add me to their BS mailing list - daily deals and whatnot. the aggressivness is obnoxious.

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