June 17, 2017

book hoarder

back home from finland. these trips, especially now that i need to go through storages and drag heavy suitcases, can be a bit stressful,but overall it was pretty standard, okay. always nice to see people. and i was glad to be able to go to the company summer party, met more of my colleagues and so on. but im glad to be back home, just turned on netflix and will get myself a soda (why are they so expensive in finland??) and go through some of my stuff.

booooks. theres kotler's marketing management as a reminder of school times. and all those suicide themed books...ive always loved dark subjects. richard adams' watership down is so dear to me i couldnt let go of that either...

found a mug with my name and teaspoons i got as a child, with my initials engraved in the back. not really my style but oh well. 

i also had stuff waiting for me when i got home! i think we have enough cutlery now.

the toilets in a Helsinki bar, Loosister. Sabrina cracked me up :)

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