April 17, 2017

thank you easter that was nice

we went to Oxford on saturday - was a lovely trip actually. my right knee is hurting (for no apparent reason) for the past week so that was the downside, but Oxford was just the right size to minimize walking and still being able to see things. we visited the science museum and Ashmoleian (?) museum, a library, a huge bookstore, peeked at Trinity College and the Uni of course and enjoyed amazing foods at the open market. and sat down for a coffee here and there. finished it off with an asian dinner. didnt hurt that the sun was shining on and off.

Oxford...  food, museums and all that;

 sea of bikes. student city!

i enjoyed Ali Wong's Baby Cobra which Netflix helpfully suggested to me. we were off Netflix for a while cos there wasnt anything more there. figured that with time we can return as they add things... and i decided that moment happened when RuPaul's Drag Race started. but there seems to be other new shows too. Come Fly With Me is actually old, but i am enjoying watching it just now.

 i wanna buy more books. but i havent obv read all the old ones. i have gotten busy with reading in general and enjoying it, but i cant keep up. on my bedside table now: Amy Poehler's Yes Please, Oliver Sacks' Awakenings, Alex Boese's Electrified Sheep. the last one is my light entertainment. well, so is the first, Poehler is entertaining obviously  - and i love bios.

i always find it awkward when i read extreme feminists dissing heterosexual women or sex between women and men overall - none of us would excist if it wasnt for that. its essential for the species. we can talk about 'all intercourse being rape' but IF so, then thats just the way this species is. the idea that women only have sex because patriarchy... i cant even. we're animals and one of the strongest urgest we have  is to procreate, and its not an urge created by patriarchy. we could decide that its a 'bad' urge and all stop doing it, and the earth would appreciate when the overpopulation would go down...  or we could put men in matrix type of glass shuttles and just articially inseminate...i guess? sounds ideal for some i suppose? but really. am i the only one who sees the utter impossible logic of being against heteros and intercourse?? not every needs to be hetero, that much is clear, but for the majority of people to be... it just makes sense? kind of? or we could just disappear like dinosaurs, if preferred. well, im taking myself out of the gene pool as it is so i dont care, but i believe i do know what human animal is like and its not going to stop copulating.

my typical lunch i suppose. all from the freezer. 

 but since i srated cooking again, this is one of the things i put together a few days ago.

on friday we had dinner over at our friends place, a turkish-polish couple. it was in Bow - first time for me in that area.  and we walked through this old cemetary turned park... creepy but funny cos its justthere, like a normal park, but much gloomier.

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