April 13, 2017

brixton is unhealthy but sunny

oh wow, well this movie im excited about; Atomic Blonde

i saw it, then went to have a shower and thought about it all the way through and im still thinking about it. great theme music helps.

i think im finally settling 'into the kitchen'. ive started to buy spices and stuff, looking at recipies. and cooking, obviously. doctor does a lot of late day shifts, coming home at 9 or 11pm, and i dont cook when im alone, so its still not too often but nevertheless, ive started. i have located some sources of free range meat and try to keep some in the freezer at all times. but also cooking more veggie foods now. this nutty wild rice dish interests me.

so apparently its snowing in helsinki atm. jesus. at the same time it does not surpise me...but still it does. London is truly in between Istanbul and Helsinki weather wise. SO GLAD.
my view right now:

i got a letter from our insurance company today. it included the policy number and requested to get in touch asap. okay so i call them. turns out i had forgotten to notify them about my change of address (habit, since in finland its automatic once u inform the population office). yet, they seem to have a system in place that "tracks" one's possible new address...and it seems to work? BUT, they cannot change it into the system until i call them and they verify my identity and so on. yeah, sounds sort of logical... but if they were so concerned about privacy, why include my policy number in the letter - if this was the wrong address and someone else would open the letter, they'd be really close to being able to mess with the policy. what i am curious about is how this new address tracking works though. might ask on Quora or google it...      also, our insurance premium is now 3£ more expensive than it was before, as post code is one of the factors in the price. lol what - we moved a mile, but apparently to a very unhealthy area?? :D i found it too funny to be pissed - it doesnt matter at this point, its having to pay for one to begin with thats annoying - will cancel it anyway once doctor has a residency card in his hands.

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