April 10, 2017

time and summer

a week or two ago i noticed my first wrinkles on the forehead! well, maybe they've been there for a while, its not like they turn up overnight - but i felt like it was a milestone worth noting anyway :)
harsh daylight really doesnt do any favours, i see, my forehead looks like a rainbow :D there is no way i am botoxing these away. i did like botox for brow lift, and to keep me from frowning, might consider going back to that someday, not sure.

its been interesting with the eyelash extensions. i dont feel them much, but i can occasionally see them in my field of vision just slightly. it has not been a big issue to avoid rubbing my eyes in general but in a shower i'd love to...cos thatfeeling when water runs down your face and you are washing your face and the water is "stuck" in the lashes...normal i'd sweep or rub my eyes properly....  now im fluttering my lashes that are dripping water. its annoying as f*. every morning and after showers i need to brush them with a sort of mascara brush which is an essential tool for lash extensions, they tend to get tangles or go their own way sometimes. feels a bit funny, as if brushing hair, but just a couple strokes will do and they are in order. the finnish woman who did them did a good job  think. after a week they are still ok and well. although every now and then one drops or gets into my eye and its annoying too.

the weekend was really warm, like summer. invigorating. ths week is back to spring of course, but thats ok. was lovely to hang out in tshirt.

picnic in Brockwell Park. i made some pasta salad, we got hummus  and bread and had a wonderful sunday. it was around 24C, but felt even warmer in the sun.
 walk home

watching Shark Tank with doctor and eating nachos. tasssssty. 
i read Oliver Sacks Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat late last year and now ordered 2 more; On The Road and Awakenings.

i also gave podcasts a try last and decided to get back to them too. starting with s-town which is apparently a big hit. Vox wrote about it with an angle.

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