July 09, 2017

the summer goes on

Karin has her housewarming & burthday party today. weather permitting (as it seems) we will go to a picnic. yay?! doctor is working late evenings these days unfortunately so i am on my own a lot. but its only 1 week until out summer holiday. during which we will go to Cornwall and Edinburgh. that reminds me, have to rent a car for cornwall trip.

yesterday i met Camellia for lunch to discuss her startup business. its a really good idea with potential so im helping out a bit. its really nice to be able to go to Brixton Village for lunch when the weather is so nice... and the fact that im in a position where i can afford these things! not that its sooo expensive, but certainly i dont take eating out for granted. in the evening i met up with Ro and had nachos for dinner. im totally enchanted by this summer weather and hanging out with people.

deportation of south korean adoptees from US (NY Times). crazy stuff.
Guardian "article"/excerpt from Roxane Gay's new book Hunger. i havent read the other books either, yet, they are on my Amazon wishlist :D
this article about detransitioners on The Stranger created a shitstorm. frankly, i found it to be balanced and good, not illwilled or poorly representing the minorities in any way.  but what do i know, a white CIS woman...
Advocate: This is What A Queer Family Looks Like. yes. i am happy to see different kind of stories, not standard hetero, neither "standard" gay. something in between. there are options.

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