July 02, 2017

sitting in front of screen

Amazon is pretty amazing. i remember thinking a long time ago (like, 10+ yrs) that the algorithm it suggests books based on, is pretty good. nowadays its even more so. i always wanted to live somewhere Amazon delivers to, and im finally there. and re: the algorithmm  sometimes i dont know remember the exact name of a product, but with Amazon's suggestions, ill get there. i mean, so nice. its the little things in life...! and now, the next step in our relationship was naturally sharing our brand new fresh Amazon prime account membership. they call it household account i guess. this is commitment. amazon deliveries tend to come within 2-3 days in any case, but they had an offer (59£ for a year) and we budged, the 2h and same day deliveries, as well as Amazon pantry that enables us to shop from Morrisons...  that kinda did it.

watched Betting on Zero yesterday. then started They Call Us Monsters. im on a docu binge this week. docus area great way to chill usually, and learn something new.

all the Guardian stuff:
opinion piece on 'Brexodus'. it has good points. i think having lived in turkey im not fazed too easy - im used to residence permit runarounds and being at the mercy of uncertainty and whims of an unfriendly government. but of course that was no fun and one of the many reason we left turkey - i wanted more certainty and i wanted to feel like i belong. moving here after the brexit vote was a bit of a gamble and we have not gotten all of those things. i still need to believe that long term things will be ok. certainly "as ok" as they have been until now, free movement of people and lalala, but

cant wait to see Laura Poitras' Assange film Risk (Guardian) + apple trailer.

Celeste Barber's fashion photo parodies are genuinely funny (Guardian story).

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