June 24, 2017


i was watching Generation Iron 2 and ended up googling stuff. this article on Vice...  good stuff :D i dunno why i keep watching bodybuilding related doc's - its just so kooky it is always interesting. today im enjoying Obit - about obituary writers and their work. its midsummer though so i will head to Hyde Park soon where im meeting some finnish friends and supposedly finns and swedes gather there in crowds every year. not in cooperation though, just, swedes have an organised event or gathering, and finns just know to gather there, and they end up next to each other. describes the relationship of the countries i guess, not besties but rather sit next to each other than alone or with someone else - peaceful co-existence. well, maybe im analysing too much based on what ive heard, i should just go and see.

im proud of this fly net i installed. the window handle made things challenging. so the net covers the window frame, but the bottom part is closed with magnet tape, so you can open it, put your hand through and open/close the window an it will snap back neatly. its really a spider net, not a fly net. i was not eager to open the window at all until we had this. i applaud doctor for being so patient and understanding, especially during the hot days... 

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