November 05, 2022

and so we're in november

ive listened and watched plenty of true crime and come to a conclusion. especially the female victims tend to be the most wonderful people. their family, friends, coworkers and generally everyone is eager to share how amazing humans they were. how loving, caring, and how they made everyone's day, the person lighting the room up, etc... simply the most perfect beings. but this is good news. based on this, i am at no risk of being the victim of a homicide. i just dont fit that, at all. so, lovely? (and no, i don’t think im an asshole but im certainly not the sunshine that everyone loves, either) 

there was that day in september when i had to turn the heating on after having the windows open the whole day but i was able to turn it off right after and im really pleased we did not properly turn on the heating on until yesterday. making it to november is pretty well. it mustve been a cold night cos when i woke up and came to livingroom to start my work day it was 21c.

i was in finland for miss R’s wedding. i had the honour of being a best woman and i took it pretty seriously. i think the couple was happy with the party and that’s what matters. besides the wedding i also saw some friends, and even my father who himself was visiting finland. he was staying in Sysmä so we met halfway in Lahti. on weekdays i went to the office as usual. on my way to finland i stopped over in stockholm for the weekend. i have a friend there i hadnt seen in years due to her having kids, so it was good to catch up face to face. 

wedding photobooth stuff

i got this lovely marimekko vase from miss R as a maid of Honour gift;

i tried CBD oil tampons cos some friends were raving about them and i believe it genuinely helps some women with cramps. i was not too surprised but all the more annoyed when they did not help, cos id delayed taking painkillers wanting to see what and how much the CBD oil can do. and once cramping is in full swing it takes forever for painkillers to work. well, i can now say ive tried them. 

i started online japanese classes again. i had started them during lockdown and ended when it was lifted, but i kept occasionally going back to learning hiragana on an app and stuff. last summer we were interested in going to japan, but again our plans were thwarted as they were closed to tourism still. anyway, so im giving it another go, continuing with the same teacher. i had forgotten most but also like other languages i forget it was somewhere in the backburner and it's all coming back. im now at numbers and basic questions and that sort of, very elementary level. bloody hiragana though, i think im a visual person but i find the writing system incredibly hard to memorize.

what ive enjoyed watching:
Make Me Prime Minister (reality)
Drink Masters (reality)
Big Boys Go Bananas (docu)
Triangle of Sadness  (film)

ive been reading;
Lightbringers of the North by Häkkinen, Iitti (orig finnish version Valonkantajat)

new necklace

im not a beer drinker but the finnish drink market, beers and otherwise, is always impressing me. theres always new stuff,

i just finished this small wooden puzzle i got from doctor.

i wanna try this kimchi recipe

im slightly jealous of doctor getting the 4th covid vaccine but i try and trust that they are not giving it to us cos it's not that useful if you are young-ish and healthy?

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