May 22, 2023

where am i? im in a museum

i watched the documentary on James Randi, the magician. it was thoroughly entertaining and interesting, as expected. tonight doctor suggested we do something different and check out some old, popular UK tv shows. so we decided to watch an episode of both Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers. i hated every minute and ive since been thinking why. in the first one it was obvious that i just found the humour missing. ok in both of then. but in the first i think the humour is supposedly in throwing insults at each other (within family members and about other people), the more offensive and the more degrading, the better, i guess. in the last 30sec there was supposedly an expression of brotherly love but even that was 'put down' in some way. the negativity was just sad. and watching Fawlty Towers i found myself getting anxious. there was a lot of conflict and tension. like, a lot IMO. in the end i just walked out on it i was so uncomfortable. i havent seen anything that made me so anxious in a good while and it really made me think about the time and culture. im wondeting if finnish tv comedy was similar at the time. ironically, when i think of the 80s, i remember a certain non-finnish show; Bill Cosby Show. it was definitely more "chill" than these 2. but i think i need to google clips of the finnish shows i wouldve been exposed to and see if they are similar and if i feel the same way. IF somehow this tension and habitual slagging of was a particularly british form of enterteinment, it might raise even more questions. and bring answers too, to understanding the people im amongst. but i am sure there were elements of it elsewhere too. what does it tell us about that time? and what we found funny? and im really not even going nto the racism or sexism, we all know about that - im just particularly interested in the style of humour and how much tension was entertaining. or what type of tension. ive been "allergic" to conflict and tension for a long time and it does limit what i can watch unfortunately, but its also something i can be curious about.

yesterday we visited the small city wall museum in Aldgate and had a turkish dinner after. pretty midlife-y for a weekend haha. its been a chill weekend which was definitely needed, i need to wind down and have time for myself. ive even been looking into mindfulness etc lately - aaaand im liking it. 

at the museum

these suede shoes are cute.

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