February 18, 2007

nap done. i feel better. i spent some time in bed just contemplating what to do. he is upset over some issues in the relationship. we have a different approach when it comes to what this is all about i guess, and i should decide how to deal with the difference. the 'relationship' does not fill its purpose if too much time is being spent being upset, so i'm worried. its supposed to be nice, happy, easy, light and contemporary.

he came over, we talked, i think this is stabilized for now.

i think tonight is for self-maintenance. moisturizing, exfoliating, masks... i think i could also paint my nails darker burgundy pink now, i wore the pale pink just for the wedding. but what about the books i haven't finished reading yet? Palahniuk's Choke is translated in finnish and that kind of bugs me altho it is okay. Noam Chomsky is a little too heavy just now, my brain would not be able to digest it. what else? oh what about the House episodes i haven't seen yet?? and. what about photos Jen? yea, what about them? uh. good idea. i should look into it.

can't find Paradise Lost in My Music folder. hmm. i have Draconian Times CD, and could've sworn i copied it on my computer. i like how that one song has Charles Manson in the beginning saying "I understand procedure. I understand war. I understand rules, regulations. I don't understand sorry." it sounds tragic and haunting.

once i figured out how to do the the tape -> computer conversion thing, i seem to have forgotten about it just as quickly. i was gonna copy my Apulanta demo tape on my computer, that's a must do.

and Hanna Pakarinen was chosen to represent finalnd in the eurovision song contest :( i wish we could just not participate in the whole fuckin thing.

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