February 20, 2007

i had another shoot with golfer Simon Holmes today. he's lovely, very kind and humorous. i almost get interested in golf when he talks about it :)

mom's in the ICU again, blood poisoning and what not. they think she'll pull through. i'm thinking i might wanna go see her tomorrow after work, i could take a train to Lahti.

yesterday was my last day working with him, he's transferring to another department, another floor. this past couple months we were sitting next to each other, and regardless of whats going on, he was one of my favorite co-workers for the past 2 yrs, so i'll miss him. but its better for both of us in the long run, not to mention the new job better suits his education (BBA, just like me)... so, yea, that was that.

there's some parties coming up this weekend, with co-workers, both friday and saturday. i have work on saturday so this calls for good conditioning! well, i need to work on those photos now... and copy my Shitter Limited CD on my computer. it arrived in mail like yesterday.

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