May 03, 2007

here is the new tattoo, my 4th. almost 2 hours old. hurt like fuck. but its so pretty.

i just thought it was cute, the form of a star. and i thought, when i got this idea a couple months ago, that it will remind me of him. it sounds radical, but i think slightly differently i suppose. i like to have reminders of a lived life on my skin. it's not about "forever love" and shit, more like the opposite, i believe most things are temporary, and theres nothing wrong with that. despite complaining about my architect-ex who doesn't care to be friends with me anymore, i don't regret the scar on my wrist that is a direct reminder of it all. he cut it with a blade, which again sounds radical but oh well... i was 16 and he was 17 i guess and we were goth and it felt appropriate. it was my first major relationship and i didn't think it would last forever but i wanted something more than fading memories to tell me it happened, all the good things. altho, scars fade too. i am sad that a small heart i burned on my hand is barely visible anymore, it refers to that first boy i loved. i don't want to be covered in scarring and shit either, its just a little something here or there, and they're barely noticeable to others. except for the tattoo, but it is in its simplicity a nice picture, what it means to me is another thing. its not just him, it reminds me of what happened in my life at this time in life. the way i think of star(s), it fits. it distorts slightly when i wear high heels, but its still clearly a star. with nice shoes, its like the icing on the cake, compliments everything.

tattoo work by Tomi at Legacy Tatoo, Hellsinki. i recommend :)

i then got overpriced sushi again, from Stockmann. i'm addicted to sushi, too expensive of an addiction, its good i'm not hooked on drugs or something.

8 pieces, 10+ euros.

"ehkäpä elämä onkin vain sitä miltä tuntuu
syvällä silmissäs timantit kavalasti hehkuu
kauneuden hetkellä haihtuu
ehkäpä elämä onkin vain sitä miltä tuntuu"
Ismo Alanko: ehkäpä elämä onkin vain sitä miltä tuntuu

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